​​dances to music by feeling the vibrations on the floor they are on and from the high bass sound from in front of the speakers too.  I have done live dj work for both a  private club and for a bar which were both in The Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. I have played the piano since I was 3 1/2 years old with perfect pitch and learned to play the acoustic guitar and a little bit of the electronic drums. With The Wright Wave I started it on Live 365 going from being way back in the rankings in the 5000's , and took it with my base listeners all the way to the top 20's station in less than 3 years. So I appreciate all of you who have supported my radio station thus far and I hope you enjoy it while it keeps growing stronger.


​​ The Wright Wave established 10/2012

I (Jonathan Wright/JD The DJ) got certified in Broadcasting from Los Angeles Valley College. I have been the Associate Editor of Highwire Daze magazine since it was established in November 1990. Originally it was a printed magazine but is now on the internet at http://www.highwiredaze.com/ I still an active participant with all of my duties there and part owner as well. I also had a public access music show called New Music Artist Video which was seen all over Los Angeles City for several years. I have also done DJ work for The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf.which




To install mobile app on your phone go to your phone and go to web enter thewrightwave.com.  Select Download Mobile App and follow directions on your phone.